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Kids, Teenagers, Parents, and Parenting

Are you struggling to deal with the challenges of parenting?

These days, it’s getting easier and easier for kids to get into trouble.

Good kids. Bad trouble.

At Delray Holistic Therapy, it’s not our job to judge. Our only aspiration is to offer help for kids, teens and/or parents. Some parents of challenging kids could use some helpful parenting tips, and some kids may benefit from counseling from a skilled and experienced therapist. These days, kids live in a strange and difficult world that’s not like our world. You know it — and we know it. TV, the internet, and raging hormones make them feel like adults. We remind them every day that they are still kids, and they will follow our rules as long as they live under our roofs!


Think they might be a little confused at times by so many mixed messages? How long before they become out of control?

Here’s how we can help:

  • Drugs, possession or distribution — Dr. Ransen has much experience sparing kids from legal problems if a Judge offers them the option of counseling instead of prosecution. Dr. Ransen is committed to help kids, not expose them to punishment in the legal system. He brings years of hands-on experience with kids who experimented with drugs.

  • Smoking marijuana — Our advice to parents is: Don’t pretend that you don’t know, and don’t over-react. Call us immediately, and we’ll invite you to visit us. These problems are not difficult to solve, as long as you act quickly. Punishment is not the answer, and will usually make things worse.

  • Video game addiction — Is this a real addiction? Should you be worried if your child is spending two hours a day or more playing video games? This is too much for any child, even if school grades are good (they probably aren’t, though). Many kids just don’t know how much time playing video games is appropriate; believe it or not, they depend on their parents to set boundaries, despite their grumbling. In fact, research clearly shows that they desperately want rules and boundaries, even if they don’t admit it.

  • Disciplining a teenager — What works? What doesn't? What do defiant and disrespectful teens want? What do they need from you? What makes defiance worse?

  • Disrespect. Disobedience. Foul Language. Daily Arguments. You know that your parents would not have put up with blatant disrespect. You need not either. Please make an appointment before things get out of control. Punishment is not the answer, because it only creates more anger, more resentment, more disobedience. Dr. Ransen will help you find the solutions you’re looking for. He has decades of experience providing help for challenging kids and teens. He will show you how easily you can put an end to defiance without punishment. Some children who behave in these ways have been diagnosed — as though they were mentally ill — with "Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)."

  • Kids & Teenagers confused by shared custody after divorce. There is no easy fix for this one, but things will surely work out better if you seek counseling. Please don’t wait. Your children need answers they can believe in. Waiting is not your friend. Every day your kids suffer now may cost them months of pain when they are older.

  • Hypnosis, hypnotherapy. Forget anything you may have seen in Vegas or on TV. This is not for entertainment, but for achieving rapid changes in unhealthy habits. Dr. Ransen is board certified to practice unrestricted hypnotherapy in the State of Florida and elsewhere. Results vary, depending on the child, from modest to spectacular.

  • Is there a teenage mother in your extended family? If so, then you know that expert help for teenage mothers is critical. Their responsibilities are so burdensome; they have a special need for an understanding therapist.
Maybe your child or teenager spends many hours a week on the internet. Addiction to video games often begins so suddenly that it’s hard to know if and when to step in. You know it’s not a good use of his or her time, but what’s the answer? We know how to address this problem.

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