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  • Unusually Challenging Couples Cases — What do they really mean when they begin by stating that they don’t communicate well?
  • No progress is possible until the fighting stops — How to prevent arguments before they occur
  • Beyond Smoking Cessation: The Really Tough presentations that respond almost exclusively to Hypnotherapy, and how?
  • Permissive Hypnotherapy and Inviting Trance — vs. Directive Hypnotherapy and Inducing Trance
  • Conversational Hypnosis — Trance is Optional
  • “For every problem there is a pill” — Clients who drank the Kool-Aid of unproved and disproved “chemical Imbalance” theories
  • How best to respond to pronouncements like, “I’m bipolar;” “I have an addictive personality;” “I’m in my 37th year of recovery.” When clients identify with diagnoses plucked from the DSM or 12-step ether
  • How to respond to “That's just who I am?”
  • Do diagnoses benefit anyone other than insurance companies? And what potential damage can they cause?
  • “Don’t try to change your behavior or your partner’s” and other horrendous folklore
  • How to reignite romance in a marriage that has become drudgery
  • Effective child and teen parenting with no punishment, ever. Empowering kids to internalize respectful, prosocial and responsible behavior
  • Binge eating and binge drinking — Discouraged by the challenge? How to help in ways that actually work and endure
  • “Social Drinking:” How a once-benign term has been hijacked by problem drinkers to avoid drawing attention
  • How to recognize and respond when excessive texting has replaced face-to-face talking
  • Understanding the outsized visible & invisible power of Facebook — When it is a blessing, when a curse, when neither?
  • Dinners on the couch with the TV on. Do you ever ask about this? If not, what may you be missing?
  • Non-restorative Sleep — What they didn’t teach you in graduate school about its ability to damage lives and relationships, and what you can do about it

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