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Hypnosis Therapy for Smoking Cessation

People very often come with a strong desire to quit smoking, after having tried and failed in the past. If that sounds like you, then you should rejoice: In contrast to national research studies that show success rates from 40% to 85%, Dr. Ransen’s patients enjoy success rates that are consistently much higher. As of May 31, 2017, 327 of 348 patients (94%) treated by Dr. Ransen for smoking cessation reported — a full year after treatment — that they had neither smoked nor even desired to smoke since their treatment. Without exception, only one hypnotherapy session was needed in each case. Your chances could be lower if you're not very responsive to hypnotherapy, or even a little higher. Clearly, if 94% of patients succeeded, then most of them achieved a 100% success rate.

During the past few years, a growing number of cardiac surgeons have begun to decline to perform certain surgical procedures on smokers. About 10 times a year, patients are referred to Dr. Ransen by interventional cardiologists for smoking cessation hypnosis, without which their surgeons refuse to perform surgery (like heart bypasses) because it has become clear that smokers often don't heal properly. More recently, other (mostly orthopedic) surgeons are declining to operate on smokers, most recently a foot surgeon in Miami. He sends patients to me before he will consent to do podiatric (foot or ankle) procedures.

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So what can you expect from hypnotherapy? You will never be unconscious or asleep. You will not be under the control of the therapist. You will be aware of everything that happens and every word spoken while you enjoy a self-hypnotic trance. You will not say or do silly, secret, or embarrassing things. You will never be asked to say or do anything you don’t want to, and you can get up and leave any time you want. There will be no suggestions directing you to do, or not to do anything. Instead, Dr. Ransen's approach is based entirely on permissiveness. While in trance, you will be invited to imagine new ways of thinking and behaving that lead to a life with more pleasure and better health. In truth, the experience is very much like the pleasant feeling you have every night, just before you fall sleep.

Will I gain weight after I stop smoking?

This is by far the most common question people express when they decide to
stop smoking. The answer varies from person to person. Many people become more active after they stop smoking, so they experience no weight gain at all. Those who say they gained weight after they became non-smokers were probably not Dr. Ransen’s patients. He seamlessly integrates suggestions into his smoking cessation hypnotherapy that slightly alter the eating habits and activity levels of his patients. The result is that the majority see little or no weight gain at all. A small percentage do gain some weight, but the 4 to 8 pounds are barely noticeable. These are typical outcomes, although your results may vary. Even those who gain a little weight generally report that the few extra pounds were well worth the many benefits of becoming a non-smoker.

Skeptical? Published Scientific Evidence You Can Trust

Why Choose Hypnosis to Quit Smoking?

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Hypnosis is safe, effective, and drug-free. Your experience with hypnotherapy will likely leave you with a very pleasant, enduring sense of calmness and well-being. If you are like the majority of patients, you will simply lose the desire to smoke again; no will-power is needed.

Here are just some of the withdrawal symptoms you may expect if you try to stop smoking by yourself (with or without medication). As you can see, the withdrawal experience is extremely unpleasant, it can last for many months, and it can dramatically reduce your quality of life or even disable you from performing your normal work or daily routines. A great many people who have tried this have reported that the experience was more painful and longer-lasting than the grief following the loss of a loved one. Relapse is common and the fear of relapse can linger for a very long time.

By contrast, what you can expect following hypnotherapy with Dr. Ransen is
very slight or no discomfort at all. You are likely to feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders — a very pleasant sensation. A great many of his patients offer him their cigarettes and lighters at the end of their sessions, asking him to dispose of them because they will no longer be needed. This often surprises them, because they have just spent two hours without smoking and know that they face a drive home, in some cases a long drive. Yet they report no desire at all to light a cigarette. This is not the result of a trick: Dr. Ransen never makes any such suggestions, either during or following a session.

One last thought: When you become a non-smoker, it is a life-changer. You will be amazed at the sheer number of ways in which you will enjoy the
benefits of being a non-smoker. And of course, you are likely to be around longer to enjoy those benefits! If you smoke indoors or in your car, be prepared for some major cleaning, because you are very likely to notice and dislike the odor of stale cigarette smoke that has been trapped in virtually every textile that was exposed to smoke. As you look back, you will no longer describe your accomplishment as “quitting smoking.” Quitting is what losers do. You will enjoy the pride of having successfully vanquished a dangerous addiction.

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