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Holistic Clinical Hypnotherapy in West Palm Beach FL

Hypnosis Therapy for Weight Loss, Unwanted Habits, Fears, Chronic Pain, IBS & more

Hypnosis? Let’s first get one myth out of the way. If your only exposure to hypnosis was watching a stage hypnotist — an entertainer — then you are in for a pleasant surprise. It is very important to understand that what a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist like Dr. Ransen does has almost nothing in common with what you may have seen hypnotists do on stage or on TV. Clinical Hypnotherapy is therapy, not show business.


Hypnotherapy (psychotherapy and physical healing with hypnosis) is offered by many, especially on the internet, who seem to believe that “one size fits all.” It doesn’t. Each and every person responds differently. That’s why Dr. Ransen meets with all of his clients first to learn as much as he can about their goal(s); and to allow them to learn as much as they want about what to expect. Just one component of true Holistic Healing.

Have you tried hypnosis before? After you’ve allowed yourself to be taken down the road to imaginary “past lives” or other gimmicks like regression to childhood, you’re probably ready to take seriously the goal of focusing on improving your life
now and in the future. That’s where we come in. This is where people come after having been disappointed by hypnotists who make lots of promises about spiritual healing and past lives, only to leave you more confused than you were before. If you’re spiritual, that’s great. If not, that’s fine also. But please know that real hypnotherapy is not about that. Our only goal is to empower you to create new effective solutions right now, so your life begins to get better, easier, and happier after as little as one session, which in every case is fashioned from scratch, just for you.

How Successful is Hypnotherapy?

People very often come with a strong desire to lose weight, for example, after having tried and failed in the past. Perhaps they feel trapped in a cycle of binge eating. Many come to let go of unwanted habits like smoking cigarettes, unwanted fears (phobias), or chronic pain. Many have found enduring relief from physical symptoms with hypnosis for IBS, Tinnitus, Sleep Disorders, Eating Disorders (Anorexia and Bulimia), Chronic Back Pain, Obesity, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Tics (including Tourette’s Syndrome), Migraine Headaches, Chronic Gastritis, and more.

Dr. Ransen stays in touch with his clients for a year or longer after hypnotherapy, just to know for sure that the benefits of hypnosis are enduring, even after a long time. A few have moved, so his findings may be a little off. Here’s a fact: As of August 2017, 335 of 372 people treated by Dr. Ransen with hypnosis therapy in the most recent two years reported that they remained problem-free, a full year after treatment. That’s a 90 percent success rate. Those treated for Smoking Cessation fared even better: 94 percent success rate, assessed a full year after treatment. Here’s published scientific evidence for hypnotherapy you can trust.

During the week after a consultation, Dr. Ransen devotes about 3 to 4 hours to creating a personalized theme, exclusively for each patient, and that will never be used again. The hypnosis session lasts about two hours, much longer than the traditional session duration of 20 to 30 minutes. No two sessions are ever the same. The themes have a single purpose: to create a hypnotic experience that is completely unique and individualized for each patient. See if you can find another clinical hypnotherapist who invests so much time and effort preparing a unique session for each patient.

Dr. Ransen takes hypnotherapy very seriously. Although only one hypnosis session is usually sufficient, it lasts at least two hours. Ask around; see if anyone else in this area devotes two full hours to a hypnotherapy session, and three hours to prepare the theme for a unique session, just for you. You may request more than one session, or Dr. Ransen may recommend more than one session for you, but this is very uncommon, occurring perhaps twice a year.

The most common reasons for
hypnosis therapy are smoking cessation, weight loss, overeating, fears / phobias, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, unwanted habits, eating disorders, chronic problems for which no underlying medical illness has been identified (e.g., tinnitus, IBS, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and chronic pain, including Fibromyalgia, headaches, and back pain. Dr. Ransen has employed hypnosis with excellent success to help professional (and near-professional) golfers and tennis players with the mental aspects of their sport, which tend to become increasingly important as an athlete’s physical skills approach their peak. Many outstanding pro athletes make their homes in South Florida, especially around Delray Beach, Palm Beach, and Jupiter areas. And some have discovered how valuable Dr. Ransen’s care is in helping them “find the zone.” Many of the behaviors that you do unconsciously — without actually thinking about it — can be modified, enhanced, or eliminated using hypnotherapy, as affirmed among many others by

So what can you expect from a real hypnotist? You will not be unconscious or asleep. You will not be under the control of the therapist. You will be aware of everything that happens and every word spoken while you are in trance. You will not say or do silly, private, or embarrassing things. You will never be asked to say or do anything you don’t want to, and you can get up and leave any time you want. In truth, the experience is very much like the pleasant feeling you have every night, just before you fall asleep.

Hypnosis can be very effective in empowering people to let go of a very wide range of habitual behaviors and unpleasant sensations. The most common reasons people seek hypnotherapy are to quit smoking (smoking cessation); to lose weight; to let go of irrational and/or unwanted fears (phobias); to alleviate chronic problems like gastritis, tinnitus, sleep apnea, eating disorders (sometimes called anorexia or bulimia), IBS, chronic headaches, Fibromyalgia, or back pain, and many more physical problems for which no underlying medical illness has been identified or no medical cure exists. In some cases a physician’s letter of reference is required.

Skeptical? Published Scientific Evidence Supporting Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Palm Beach

Why Visit a Hypnosis Therapist?

Most people struggle at times to gain access to thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are mysterious or troubling to them. In addition to the long list of issues like quitting smoking, eating disorders, weight loss, sleep disorders like insomnia, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, irrational fears and so on, there are so many habits and feelings that people would like very much to change or let go of. Many people find rapid relief from painful or uncomfortable physical symptoms, after having gotten a clean bill of health from their physicians. Hypnotherapy is quite often the most effective way to achieve these goals in a very short time. Hypnotherapy is safe, effective, and drug-free. There are no side effects, unlike drug treatments.Your experiences with hypnotherapy will likely leave you with a very strong sense of confidence and well-being that is likely to endure for a long time, and that you may reinforce at any time in the future using self-hypnosis, which is included in every hypnotherapy session administered by Dr. Ransen.

Some people believe strongly that they cannot be hypnotized. This is very rare, and Dr. Ransen has seen this only one time in his practice. Normally, such people would not request a hypnotherapy session. If they do ask, and if they are unresponsive to hypnotherapy, then no charge will be assessed. Hypnotic trance is different for each individual; it can range from light relaxation to a deep, soothing change in your state of consciousness. You may not immediately know for sure whether you have been in trance, but Dr. Ransen knows the telltale signs to look for, and he has no difficulty determining when you are in trance. On numerous occasions, he has seen people who believed they were not hypnotized, but who slip instantly into trance again whenever he touches their foreheads and says, “you can sleep now.”

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists like Dr. Ransen do not make wild claims about the kinds of problems that can be solved with hypnotherapy. Therapy with hypnosis can benefit a very wide range of mental and physical conditions, but it won’t cure cancer, broken bones, or baldness. There are many problems that cannot be solved with hypnotherapy, and Dr. Ransen does not use hypnosis unless both his own experience and published scientific research has shown that hypnotherapy is likely to help.
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Some common indications for hypnotherapy are:

The wish to stop smoking with no cravings or weight gain and no self-discipline needed
The wish to lose weight and keep it off without effort, dieting, or will-power
Many kinds of disturbing or irrational fear, including flying, crowds, public speaking, large spaces, being alone, germs, etc.
Eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia
The desire to lose unwanted habits or recurring behaviors and addictions including nail-biting, cutting, hair-pulling, and tics
Excessive time spent on the internet (Facebook, gambling, games, pornography, texting, etc.)
Frequent or excessive drinking
Binge eating of comfort foods when anxious or under stress
IBS, gastritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Headaches, Chronic Back Pain, Crohn's, Tinnitus, and more

Hypnosis Trance

How Many Hypnosis Sessions Will I Need?

Everyone responds differently to hypnotherapy. Also, some goals can be achieved more quickly than others.

Most of Dr. Ransen’s patients require just one hypnotherapy session. It lasts a full two hours, much longer than those usually administered by other hypnotherapists (commonly 20 to 30 minutes). Some people see real progress after one session, but they may request an additional session before they are able to let go of their problem fully to their satisfaction. Occasionally, Dr. Ransen may recommend more than one session for an optimal outcome. This occurs very rarely.

For example, people often gain quick relief from various kinds of shyness, anxiety in crowds or in open spaces, excessive concern about germs and cleanliness (OCD), addiction to gambling, computer games or pornography, unusual obsessions, unrealistic fears of flying or public speaking, and many more unwanted habits or sensations. Once in a while, a person may not respond well after a couple of sessions. In those unusual cases, we don’t recommend that they try again and again. Dr. Ransen will not accept more money from anyone if either he or his patient determines that hypnotherapy is not working effectively. Instead, solutions can almost always be found with the help of other kinds of therapy or by means of a referral to another therapist.

Obviously, goals such as weight loss can take more than a few weeks to achieve, but the hypnotherapy treatment does not. By the time people decide to see me, they understand well that crash diets are clearly not the answer.

With hypnotherapy you will likely learn how to achieve a soothing, relaxed state of mind whenever you need to reduce your level of anxiety. [1] Many experts (including Dr. Ransen) believe that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. As part of the treatment, you will be trained to recreate the relaxing hypnotic experience any time you want at your preferred time and place. Perhaps this best explains why hypnotherapy has become so popular in the past 40 years.