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Fees, Insurance, and Our Guaranty

How Much Will It Cost?

The fees at Delray Holistic Therapy vary from $85 to $125 per hour, depending on the service provided. If you want specifics, just ask about our low fees.

All sessions last at least 70 minutes, unlike the 50-minute “hours” you get with most other therapists and counselors.

Whatever you may have heard or experienced with regard to psychotherapy and counseling, you are in for a very
pleasant surprise. We eliminate the time-consuming, expensive, and often painful dredging up of your childhood memories. No week-after-week analysis or rehashing of your problems, with no goal or end in sight. With SFBT, we focus entirely on simple solutions, most of which will come from you. Our interest is not in whats wrong with you. We find solutions by paying close attention to whats right with you. Problems are messy, painful and complicated. Solutions are refreshingly simple, rapidly effective and generally easy to accomplish.

Here’s a consumer tip that will almost certainly save you money. When selecting a therapist or counselor, do not be misled by low per-session fees, because you may be expected to commit to weekly visits for many months or even longer. At Delray Holistic Therapy, your total cost will almost always be much lower, because there is an excellent chance you will find enduring solutions in just a handful of sessions. The average number of times we see our clients falls between 2 to 5. Occasionally one session suffices.

The average counselor or psychotherapist in South Florida is less than half the age of Dr. Ransen, and has earned a Master’s degree at best. Dr. Ransen is a
dual-degreed doctor with 40 years’ experience and 12 years of postgraduate training. He began his career as a professor, teaching at Cornell University, Tulane University, Princeton University, and Harvard Medical School, as a professor doing psychotherapy and couples counseling part-time, until he dedicated his full time to therapy in South Florida in 1992.

Why People with Health Insurance Choose Not To Use It

This practice does not participate in any type of insurance plans. Fees are payable with cash, check, major credit cards, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

Like many experienced therapists, we choose not to do business with insurance companies anymore. In order to get reimbursed, we would be required to diagnose you with a
mental illness. This would haunt you for the rest of your life, whenever any person or entity does a credit check on you. You could be denied any type of insurance, credit cards, mortgages, and so on, or these things will be significantly more expensive. It’s very likely that it will cost you less in the long run if you pay out of pocket.

Also, until we severed our ties to insurance companies, we could not guarantee 100% your confidentiality, as we now do.

Many therapists expect you to schedule weekly appointments indefinitely, often for many months, if not years. Of course, they may not state it in this way. More commonly, they may say that therapy will end only when your “disorders” or “dysfunctional relationships” have been completely
cured.” At Delray Holistic Therapy, we don’t use words like that, and we don’t hand down diagnoses, which we believe are useful only to insurance companies. Diagnoses certainly don't help us, and they serve only to attach stigmatizing labels to you.

Therapy ends when you’re happy and satisfied that your goals have been achieved and you have created enduring solutions in your life, not when “disorders” have been “cured.” This almost always occurs in just
two to five sessions. Yes, really. Have you ever encountered another therapist who can say that with a straight face?

Please do your homework, and satisfy yourself that you are making the right choice. Before calling or sending an e-mail, see if you can find any doctors whom you might prefer who have earned two advanced mental health degrees and who have
more than 40 years’ experience and 12 years of postgraduate training, as well as FL Board Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Here’s a guaranty you have probably not been offered before. If, at the end of your first hour, you state that you have wasted your time, and that you have no intention to come for a return visit, then
there will be no charge at all. Not one penny! Your fee will be waived immediately with a smile and best wishes. That’s how confident Dr. Ransen is that you will begin to experience remarkable hope and progress after the very first hour.

Delray Fees

Trust and good faith are at the core of this practice.

Dr. Ransen will gladly provide a receipt if you wish to try to secure reimbursement from your insurance plan. In practice, there is a wide variation in the willingness of insurance companies to reimburse customers for mental health care, particularly if you have not been treated for a “mental disorder.” Dr. Ransen cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed.

Please feel free to call
(561) 865-6112 with any other questions. You can expect to receive honest, straightforward answers in plain language. You may have to wait a few hours for a return call, because the phones don't ring while he is in session. However, your return call will be directly from Dr. Ransen, not an assistant or an appointments secretary. You may get an even quicker response directly from Dr. Ransen by sending him a secure message.

Are you concerned about conflicts of interest? Here is a personal disclosure from Dr. Ransen: “I do not accept any money, gifts, or free trips from pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs or anything else. Psychiatric drugs occasionally help while you take them if you’re among the lucky 10 percent or so, but as soon as you stop, you realize that your problems have not gone away, and you may be no better prepared to create solutions than before. The drug company is a little richer, and you are back where you started from. If you are among the many who have benefited in a long-lasting way from my therapy, then please spread the word. Therapy is my passion and my calling. I have no other sources of income except small royalties from my books. Thank you, and be well!”